Alver’s co-founder & CEO at the 8th Algae Industry Summit in Vienna, 24-25th April 2018

Alver is a foodtech!

As a key player in the algae industry, our co-founder and CEO, Mine Uran, will be talking about Alver’s progresses at the 8th Algae Industry Summit in Vienna on 25-26th April.

Following the success of its previous editions, ACI’s 8th EAIS will explore the ongoing developments of the algae industry. With insights from key industry players, the conference will address both the technical and commercial aspects of algae production and its end-uses. In Europe and across the globe.

This edition of the summit will highlight different case studies on the various uses & products made from algae, during dedicated sessions.

The two day event will also propose an in-depth look into the technologies supporting the industry. The participants will also have the chance to discuss how to keep the industry thriving as a whole, through best practices & lessons learnt, as well as ensuring sustainability.

We wish her good luck and look forward to hearing the other speakers!

  • Syed Isa Syed Alwi, Group CEO, Algaetech Group Of Companies.
  • Olivier Lepine, Managing Director, AlgoSource.
  • Mine Uran, CEO, Alver.
  • Sammy Boussiba, Head, Microalgal.
  • Biotechnology Laboratory, Ben-Gurion.
  • University Of The Negev.
  • Mario Tredici, Vice President, EABA.
  • Silvia Fluch, COO, Ecoduna.John R. Benemann, CEO, MicroBio Engineering.

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